About Us


Tunemoto is a project of Tunetech Enterprise, which is commonly known as Dr Dyno Tuning. Dr Dyno Tuning has operated by a Professional Tuner Mohd Syahidan Ali which being trained in Australia in engine management system. Mohd Syahidan Ali practiced their knowledge in motorsport industry for a few countries i.e. Australia, Indonesia, Brunei, Brazil, Argentina, New Zealand, UAE and etc for over than 10 years.

The service of Dr Dyno Tuning is incomparable. We are pride of ourselves in offering a personalised service not only to our clients but to their bikes. Our knowledge is what we have built our reputation on, and our extensive clientele reflects this.

With regards engine tuning the first thing we do is to find out what the customer is using the bike for, and what they actually want to achieve by uprating their engine’s output. Using our experience we then establish the expectations relative to application; road riders and club racers have very different needs and this part of the process is, we feel, one of the most important.


Establish motorsport technical knowledge as one of the most valued & respect global company in the areas of engine tuning skills development which benefit to the community. Add a revenue stream and get the maximum performance from the bikes.



Recognize as be a top leader in Asia by adopting transparent and honest business practices thereby generating immense goodwill with clients and society we operate in. To maintain our position as the market leader in engine tuning and being a well known and reputable company.